do a PIERCing

Giahi has a very extensive variety of piercing offers. Thanks to a large customer base we also have a lot of experience.


The piercing tradition is a long one. What was a religious act long ago is a way of individuality and personal expression. Thanks to our enormous know-how, our large assortment and our brilliant concept Giahi became a front-runner.



Our offers - your advantages


  • Nowhere else you can find such a variety of piercings.
  • Incredible routine of our piercing artists assures the best comfort.
  • Because of a professional instruction and periodical further training our piercers count to the the world’s best.
  • Separated and well-designed rooms make sure that you have your privacy.
  • All-round service from the first until the last moment.
  • We give the Giahi Guarantee for all of our piercings. If a piercing is not done professionally you have the possibility to getting pierced for free. This offer counts within the first three months and is only possible if you looked after your piercing in the correct way.
  • 20% discount on the second jewelry within the first three months.



For a piercing you can come to one of our stores at any time.


Here you get to our complete offer and our price list.