New Tattoo

Our size is our strength. We design your custom tattoo that fits to your unique personality.


Giahi is known for quality high-class tattoos and for the world’s largest selection of tattoo styles. Thanks to our local tattoo artists, apprentices and many international guest artists - all with many years of experience - we can offer you an unbeatable variety on a very high level. Our artists are looking forward to desinging the tattoo that you have in mind. Or if you already have a sketch you can certainly come and bring it to our shop so that we can realise the tattoo you have been waiting for.


Spontanous appointments could be possible. If you'd like to come today or the day after, directly call one of our stores.



An individual tattoo requires an individual consultation.


Consult us online: You can use our inquiry form., if you already have some idea of your new tattoo. Send us your idead fast and uncomplicated. We will contact you and fully counsel you by mail.


Consult us in our store: If you have more questions, prefer a personal contact or if you just want to have a look at us beforehand, come by in one of our stores. We're here anytime for a free and non-binding consultation.

Zur Inspiration zeigen wir dir hier die aktuell gefragtesten Styles:



Unser Mindestalter bei Tattoos beträgt 16 Jahre. Personen unter 18 Jahren werden ausschliesslich dann tätowiert, wenn das Mindestalter von 16 Jahren erfüllt ist, einer der Erziehungsberechtigten anwesend ist und sowohl der Kunde, als auch dessen Erziehungsberechtigter einen gültigen Ausweis vorweisen können.