Frequently asked questions

Any questions? Here you’ll find answers.



I would like to make an appointment. How can I go on?


The best thing would be if you visit one of our stores and we can give you some advise. On the spot the tattoo artist can discuss your ideas and can help you with the realisation. You can also make an appointment. Therefore a prepayment will be charged that will be substracted from the total once the tattoo is done.



What is the minimum age?


The minimum age for a tattoo is 16. People under the age of 18 are only getting tattooed if the minimum age of 16 is given. A parent has to be present and the customer as well as the parent needs to have a valid ID/passport.



How long is the waiting period for a tattoo?


The waiting period depends on the image, the effort and your flexibility. Spontaneous appointments are sometimes possible because our artists are very spontaneous, also. Ask in our stores for available appointments.



What’s the price for a tattoo?


The price of your tattoo depends on the effort that is estimated in a personal counseling interview. Therefore just come to one of our stores. The price can also be estimated via mail. For that please send us a mail with the image and details about its size, where you would like to have the tattoo and whether you want it in colour or black.



How can I pay?


Pre-payment can be done in cash or with card. On the day of tattooing only in cash.



What colours are being used?


In the certificate below you can see all used colours. All of them are tested and fulfill all requirements.